Tina Holmes


Tina Holmes

Tina first heard about Meher Baba when she was in college in the 1970’s at Carnegie Mellon Drama department. It was love at first sight. Her first trip to India was in 1972 when she had the great privilege of visiting His Samadi and meeting all of His Mandali.  She has returned three more times.
Baba is known for his great sense of humor and Tina hopes that these songs will make Him smile.

Tina Holmes (aka Prudence Wright Holmes) is an actor/singer/playwright who has appeared in four Broadway shows and eight movies, including Sister Act I and II. She was also in the original cast of Godspell.

Her first CD is called Songs to Make Baba Sing, where Tina has written lyrics dedicated to Meher Baba.

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final album cover

album cover

For you hip-hop Baba lovers, the story of Baba's life!
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Memories of our favorite place as told by someone from Myrtle Beach
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