Sonic Bliss Kirtan


Sonic Bliss Kirtan: left to right David, Lisa, Cliff

Using Sanskrit chants as well as mystical poetry, Sonic Bliss Kirtan seeks to transport listeners to higher states of joy and connectedness. We are a band of devotional musicians in the NYC area who believe in the power of sound and chant to spread love and healing. With the combination of vocals, harmonium, bass, guitar and tabla we intend to do just that. Our new album, called “Out of the Mystics” blends Indian rhythms and ragas with Western grooves. Jai! – Victory to LOVE!

Sonic Bliss Kirtan is:
Lisa Ferraro, Vocals, Harmonium
David Tillistrand, Bass
Cliff Hackford, Percussion

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Sonic Bliss Kirtan first CD "Out of the Mystics"

Brand New Release!
Price: $15.00


Single songs:

Traditional Chant
Price: $0.99
Sanskrit meets Reggae!
Price: $0.99